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Art Captionator – MeCam – The HD Lapel Camera For Your Cavicle

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New York, NY – March 26, 2013

According to their website MeCam is the hands-free wearable video camera that pins to your shirt, can be worn as a necklace, or pinned on to anything to capture video from that point of view.

I made up some prospective MeCam’s slogans:  Here are THE 10:

10) “Let’s make 2014 feel like 1984!”

9) “Because everyone wants to watch videos shot from their collarbone.”

8) “Is that dog going to be friendly, or will it sick my balls? This won’t protect me, but now I will have it on video.”

7) “Now almost as cool as the fannypack.”

6) “Now you can find out once and for all if your dog really wants to play fetch, or if it’s actually just laughing at how out of shape you are.”

5) “Now in diarrhea green!”

4) “Now you don’t have to judge your friends ONLY in real time.”

3) “Cops will LOVE to see you wearing these things.”

2) “You know your life is more special than these other fucks, record that shit.”

1) “See what your tits would see if they had eyes”

Can you beat these captions? Comment below.

Written by Cojo “Art Juggernaut”

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