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Battle Of The NYC Drink N’ Draws


New York City, NY- Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Drawing on a Wednesday night by yourself can be fun.  Drawing on a Wednesday night with a bunch of other people could be slightly more fun.  How about drawing on a Wednesday night, with a bunch of other people, except you are all drawing a nude, semi-nude, or themed live costume model?  That could be really fun.  Add booze into the equation and now my friend you have crossed over from “really fun” into “really fucking awesome.”


That’s the impetus behind the idea of a Drink n’ Draw, and it’s no wonder that it has spawned a craze, which has grown in New York to such a level that various venues are now competing for your drinking and drawing dollars.  If the incentive is to get artists (who are notoriously cheap, and or broke) to schlep across town with their art supplies and open their wallets (and mouths) as a Drinking-and-Drawing venue or host, what do you have to do to compete?


Full Disclosure: I have personally never been to any of the Wednesday drink and draw events I am about to highlight and pit against one another so I have no personal dog in this fight.  But if you are into Drinking, Drawing, and were looking for a place to possibly get shitfaced while showing off your sketching skills tonight in the big apple, here are three pretty solid Wednesday OPTIONS:

Option #1:

Photo from 3rd Ward’s Facebook Gallery Drink-N-Draw-Overdrive











Drink N’ Draw at 3RD WARD

“We provide the beer and the model. You bring your drawing tools and creativity. Hosted in the Gallery of 3rd Ward, this is a great way to relax after a long day of work.

Cost: $15 for non members, $10 each if you bring a friend, and always FREE for Members. Pay at the door.

Supplies Included?: None, bring your own.

Booze Included with entry fee?:  Yes, unlimited cans of PBR.

Nude Models?: Yes

Frequency: Every Wednesday

Duration: 2 1/2 Hours, 8pm – 10:30pm

Pro tip: From Zenovie E. on Yelp:  Get there a bit early so you get a seat (or a place to sit- get there late and you are drawing standing up),  If you go alone, just pair up with someone in line and save $5 at the door.

Venue: 3rd Ward – An East Williamsburg (Bushwick) Gallery venue that offers a variety of art classes.

Website: 3rdWard.com

Address: 195 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237 (Morgan ave L)


Option #2:

Drink & Draw Wednesdays @ The Living Gallery!!















Drink & Draw Wednesdays @ The Living Gallery!!

“Each Wednesday will be a little different: we will have models, DJ’s, live music, and other awesome features!!  Sometimes we have snacks. We try to keep it a relaxed open environment always asking the artists what they prefer. Sometimes we do exercises where they draw each other.”

Cost: $10.  Pay at the door.

Supplies Included?: Pencils or Pastels & paper will be provided, but feel free to bring whatever materials you like!

Booze Included with entry fee?:  Yes, two glasses of wine.

Nude Models?: Clothed live models are provided (not nude).  Event also usually includes live music.  We rotate between models and live music, sometimes people read poems and the people can draw what the poems makes them feel.

Frequency: Every Wednesday

Duration: 2 Hours, 7pm – 9pm

Pro tip: Drink & Draw is moving in two weeks to a new venue Brooklyn 1094 Broadway, across from goodbye blue monday.  It’s currently at The Living Gallery in Shops at the Loom in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  It wouldn’t hurt to pregame before heading over so you start with a nice buzz.

Venue: The Living Gallery- At Shops at the Loom in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Website: https://www.the-living-gallery.com/

Address: 1087 Flushing Ave, Room 120 Brooklyn, New York 11237 (Morgan ave L)


Option #3:

Drink And Draw New York City
“Blah blah blah Drink blah blah blah Draw blah March blah. Look, you know the deal by now. Just show up, and wear some green. It’s practically St. Patrick’s Day fer christ sake.We’ll even have a model named Nick, but he’s not dressing up like a leprechaun for you guys. So don’t ask. Unless he wants to, which is totally okay with me.”

Cost: No cover.

Supplies Included?: No, bring your own supplies.

Booze Included with entry fee?:  Nope, no entry fee but alcohol is available at the bar- except for TODAY only (3-20-2013).  Everyone will be issued ONE COMPLIMENTARY DRINK for last week’s scheduling mix up. Just claim it as soon as you come in the door.

Nude Models?: Clothed live models are provided (not nude).

Frequency: Once a month

Duration: 6:30 – ?

Pro tip: This is an Irish bar, forget cocktails, stick to beer and classic Irish pub grub.

Venue: Mary O’s, an Irish bar in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Website: maryosnyc.com

Address: 32 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009 (M, F, J Trains)


*The top three photos in this article I took at a Winkel & Balktick party, and it features models from Dr. Sketchy’s.  If you prefer Sunday Drinking & Drawing and a little more fetish / burlesque edge to your models you can always hit up the original Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School at The Slipper Room every other Sunday.

Written by Cojo “Art Juggernaut”

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