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LG Curved Monitor 34UC97


LG Video Editing Screen


Beautiful Curved Screen Monitor LG

If you love to work on the computer and have several monitors, or have a unique setup (such as having an L desk), then you will for sure need to check out the LG Curved Monitor, Model 34UC97. For starters this monitor is not for amateurs, it is for media professionals… and as a media professional who has three 23 inch monitors I can tell you I would be willing to downsize to two if I had these! The 34 Inch display has dual HDMI slots and dual USB 3.0 ports which makes it very convenient to plug in your digital accessories like DSLR’s and external hard drives which can benefit from increased download speeds. If you are with a client on a shoot or back at your media production studio features such as these can save you an embarrassing trip to the floor on your knees hunting for your USB 3.0 port, or ugly USB hubs sitting around. With 34 inches you have a lot of screen real estate.

Maybe you just want to watch a TV show or a movie, this 21:9 monitor will allow you to view it in super wide mode or maybe get the most out of those panorama shots you are taking. Designing a billboard? This is the perfect way to view the artwork and creatives for it! The speakers that are built into this monitor also make it helpful when you do not have your speakers close by such as when you are moving your desktop versus a laptop which may have speakers built in.

So what does it take to get your hands on one of these beautiful monitors? Well $1,300 on popular websites is enough to get your hands on it and it may be just what you need in your digital studio, it takes up a lot of space so make sure you are ready for it.

What else should you know about it? Well there are various wireless features as well that can be enabled, you will have to research it more directly to understand the full functionality as we are not experts on it but are excited to get our hands on one. Definitely something perfect for photography lovers, and video editors as well who can benefit from all of the extra screen real estate. This would allow a professional to have a monitor of potential source footage in one area, their live view in another area, control over effects and timelines on a whole different area. In fact if you had the timeline for a video editing project right on the bottom of the screen, on a wide screen like this, you could see much more of your project without having to scroll back and forth a lot! Also you wouldn’t have to scroll left to right on websites. You could have two full size website next to each other without having to scroll down as much as you would on even a 23 inch monitor! Anyways check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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