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Street Art and L’Havana


Article written by Esther Wambui

The art covering walls from Habana Vieja to Vedado reflects the concerns of a younger generation of Cubans ever more connected to the world outside, even while they struggle to see a future in their own country.


Any serious political threat is still handled quickly and harshly. Despite censorship, Cuban art has a vibrant history of social and political critique, Michael Bustamante, assistant professor of history at Florida International University, explains: “Cuban officials generally do not slap long-term jail sentences on artistic critics—preferring dissuasion, avoidance, denial of exhibition space, and sometimes the partial self-censorship that comes in response, to more drastic measures that might drum up international attention. Art, in fact, continues to be a realm in which substantial, if delimited, social critiques are possible.”





Source: psmag.com

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