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The Madness of Art: Episode (015) Jaywalking On 10th Avenue


EPISODE 015: “Jaywalking”: Jim’s fellow gallerist frenimy Glenn Drannof gives Jim some typically insincere friendly advice. Also, Jim gets caught jaywalking by the long arm of the law, who happens to be an emerging cop artist. Who knew it was actually illegal in New York City?  Payback is a bitch Glenn Baby.


Artiholics is proud to present The Madness of Art. An online show, which the Huff Post calls “hilarious,” follows the chaotic life of a New York City gallery owner who can never seem to catch a break. With its slogan, “What’s so funny about the art world?”

You have just watched an episode of The Madness of Art as Chelsea art dealer Jim Kempner and his gallery staff interact with New York’s eccentric art world. New episodes will post every Tuesday at 3pm on Artiholics.

Posted June 17, 2014 by Cojo “Art Juggernaut”

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