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Freshman Inventors – Young Entrepreneurs Disrupting The Marketplace


1044957_418543524928514_1263259269_nThese young entrepreneurs on paper may seem like “kids”, but let me tell you that these “kids” are pretty darn incredible.  With artistry and creativity at the core of every fiber in their body, Freshman Inventors‘ founders Deja Viau(16) (pronounced ‘view’) and Canyon Viau(14) are pretty spectacular inventors.

To introduce you to the FRESHMAN INVENTORS, here is Deja and Canyon themselves in their Web Series Pilot for F.I.

Their biggest splash in the marketplace was an amazing new product called ‘Spine Pal’, later renamed ‘Back Pal’ (See Below)

Commercial for Back Pal


Don’t Burn Yourself With Hot Stuff With “Kool Spoon”

Kool Spoon - Freshman Inventors

Another product that was stimulated from Freshman Inventors is the highly useful and ingenious “Kool Spoon”, which actually helps prevent burning yourself from hot liquids and foods.  The science and innovation behind Kool Spoon essentially allows the spoon itself to absorb the extra heat so that your food stays warm, but doesn’t burn you as you bring it to your lips.

WATCH: Information about Freshman Inventors’ “Kool Spoon”

Still think they are “kids”??

When you change your artistic perspective on how creative and amazing young adults and entrepreneurs can be, we can see that our future generations are truly engaging and ambitious.  Canyon and Deja have both spent the majority of their teen years really giving back to the world in such an amazing and unique way.

Signed, Rick Jeffries

See a gallery below of Canyon and Deja Viau, founders of Freshman Inventors.

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