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Artiholics Presents The Ridgewood Bar Crawl – Tonight!


headerRidgewood, Queens, NY – Saturday, May 4, 2012

You’ve read about Ridgewood, Queens being the next big bohemian NYC art scene, now you can come out and DRINK WITH US!  Artiholics is proud to sponsor this night of stumbling debauchery.  Come experience the old world charm of a neighborhood that has hardly been explored by most Manhattanites.

Both HBO’s Girls and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire both filmed here in the past week it’s quickly getting on the radar.  It’s old school cool and hot as fuck.

Here is the facebook invite.

Saturday: Tonight 5/4/2013

Meet us 7 P.M. at Caskey’s until we all head out as group to the next bar.   Be sure to wear RED. Here is a list of bars we are crawling through, and the order in which we will crawl through them:

1. Caskey’s Tavern
2. Parlay (Hi-5)
3. Cozy Corner
4. Eros Cafe
5. Gottscheer Hall
6. Paradise Bar
7. Polish German Club House
8. Windjammer Bar

Here are some pictures we took at the last (first) Ridgewood Bar Crawl, one of the bars had a gallery show featuring the work of Felix Morelo was a trip!

See ya tonight!

Written by Cojo “Art Juggernaut”


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