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Banksy April “Fools” Bombs Bklyn?

Photo via Hyperallergic

Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY – April 1, 2013

According to Hyperallergic.com, last night British Street Artist Banksy (or some of his minions) hit three buildings in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with April “Fools”.  The concept?  Sad clowns.  Inspiring?  Inspired?  Hardly, but if this is true, and you want to see them before they get cut out of the walls and sold for $500K you better catch the subway ASAP.  Banksy’s aerosol paint might as well be liquid gold for the price these things fetch in the current market, and they can’t stay on the side of a building for long.

To see the other two sad clown “pieces” read it on Hyperallergic.  According to their article there is also a 12 ft. high piece on Wythe which looks like a rejected member of the band KISS.

On a side note, we’ve already had a sad clowns in Brooklyn since the 1960’s.

P.S. Could this all be a Hyperallergic April Fools Prank? I assume yes, but I am also too lazy to catch a G Train to Greenpoint to find out for myself.  You can do the legwork and get back to me.

Written by Cojo “Art Juggernaut”

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  1. Prank… checked it out the following day and the 12′ tall one is not there

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